A Lovely Time

Syracuse music infiltrated the Snow Ridge campgrounds Friday and Saturday. Bands from Connecticut and Delaware and a comedian performed as well at the weekend festival. Two stages, a mini skate park, yoga and hiking made for a very lovely time for attendees. Snow Ridge, in Turin,  is home to moe.down festival so some campers were familiar and led the way in creating a village like feel. The highlight of the event was the Shady Grove stage built into the woods. You crossed over a stream by log or bridge and could also see it from above at a picnic area. The sound engineer was on point with great lighting making it the place to be.  The weather cooperated and the cool nights were perfectly accented by the full moon.

This was the festival’s first year. Nick Feeley, Drew Shoup, Charlie Giancola and friends coordinated A Lovely Time and pinned down some of Syracuse’s best bands on a busy July weekend. Local bands included The Black River, Tanksley, Professional Victims, Barroom Philosophers, All Poets & Heroes, Atkin’s Riot, Bad Mama’s Blues Band, Nadine Prince, Brian Wagner, Connor Campbell, Khloey, American Glove, and Mattydale Music Collective. Check out Instagram @alovelytime or www.alovelytimefest.com to participate next year!

Professional Victims’ Shady Grove performance was something I’ll always be glad I witnessed. They displayed so much artistic energy in a crazy, fun and interactive way with visuals, costumes, and crowd participation. They played an original, One Nation Under Fraud, with the relevant message “Don’t you ever stop trying.” Their daughter, Khloey, joined them on stage as well. She was overheard saying “amazing”  in regards to the show.  That sums it up in one word.

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