A Night with Lisa Lee and Band at Uriah’s

Bonnie and I (Clyde) had the opportunity to stop in to Uriah’s in Liverpool last Saturday to see Lisa Lee and her band. I would highly suggest checking out this group, A great treat for our Saturday evening.

Lisa Lee is a class act with a great voice that will leave you wanting more. Her performance had music  from great artist such as Heart, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Jefferson Airplane, Carrie Underwood and even Bob Marley. Lisa didn’t lose a note. I myself was very impressed by their version of Ramble on by Led Zeppelin.

Guitarist Leo did a fantastic job with The Eurhythmics’ Sweet Dreams and White Rabbit. With a firm beat in the back by Drummer Dan.

We met the group on their break when they came out to meet some of the audience, which is a really nice thing to see a band do, it’s great  when musicians make an effort to meet their audience, we really learned how much they get to know the crowd. The three changed up for the second half to really gage  the crowd in  what they wanted Including Ray Charles and a Journey Montage.

Lisa and her band have many gig’s lined this year, so make sure you find one and see them soon!



Lisa Lee: Lead Vocals, Percussion and Guitar Lisa began performing in her teens, touring up and down the East Coast with a professional Touring Band singing six days a week. Taking cues from the great female and male singers from the past and present with styles as varied as Country and Black Gospel, Lisa has developed her own vocal style, technique and tone that has been compared to such diverse artists as Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt and Patsy Cline. Lisa has performed at many major events including the New York State Fair, Taste of Syracuse, Oswego Harborfest, the New York State Blues Fes[...]

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