A Sad Day For Central New York Music

September 6th 2017, we received the news that the beloved duo Frank & Burns has ended their partnership after 10 years. Both musicians are OK. It was just time for Mike Burns to move on.

We had many great evenings being entertained by Frank & Burns. There will be an empty microphone for a long time. Personally I can’t wait to see what Frank Malfa will do next. We give a fond farewell to Mike Burns.

UPDATE 9/8/2017:

We have heard from Mike Burns and family and Mike is not leaving the CNY music scene. Mike wants to let all his fans know he has not given up performing. We look forward to seeing what Mike will do next as well. This is good news, Mike not singing would be a loss of a great performer. Maybe this is like the Beatles breaking up. We all will move on and see two talented performers in Central New York real soon.