Howdy Partners! Well tis yer old buddy Buffalo Bill reachin out to ya agin with good news. And I be wantin ta tell all you youngins bout my big plans for our show, “Annie Get Your Gun.” It’s a comin the end of July to Oswega and we be fixin to make it a little easier on the pocketbook ta bring the whole clan to see the show. Now listen up good, ya hear me!

Ya all need to know a thing or two about me and my big show when I was a fixin to put this dang thing on the road. Back then in ’95, that’s 1895, when I booked Oswega for my Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World show, this here extravaganza had sharp-shootin, hunts, racing and rodeo performers. An acourse Annie Oakley was one of them here stars that everyone loved. Well Annie’s comin back to town July 26, 27, 28 and August 2, 3, 4 with her life story to tell in song and dance. She be singin and dancin with her feller show folk on the Frances Marion Brown Stage and we want you all ta be able to come see her. And a nother thing…we be performin during Harbor Fest that first round of dates, so we’re fixin to have a 2 PM show on the 27th. Come on over for the show, tie up yer horse and buggy, and stay around for the Fireworks that evenin. What a deal!

So, anyway, I got ahead of myself partner. I told my crew to get the good word out there that we was fixin to celebrate music, kids and families this time round with a special ticket price for yougins. Now here’s the deal… you big folks from 13 years and older get in for $18 bucks a head. But, and here is the deal, kiddos under 13 git in for $10. Heck of a deal, I’d say. We be wantin to get them young families with kiddos at home in ta see a toe tappin live show. Maybe some for the first time. Mighty sad to miss out on this one, I’d say.

Gettin a ticket never been easier these days with all these new fangled gadgets. Just dial us on up at 343-5138 and make yer claim, or if yer into those new fangled puters, type in and punch in the numbers right there. Now were fixin to have big crowds, so don’t be dilly dallin around, here me.

I’ll be keepin ya posted on things as they shape up with the show. So keep them eyes and ears ready for more news. Hear me, now!

Buffalo Bill

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