Annie in the Water (and on the Road)

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Annie in the Water hits the Oncenter Stage at 7:30 Wednesday before O.A.R.

I spoke with Watertown native, Brad Hester, about life on the road. Annie in the Water has been gigging consistently up and down I-90 and is building up a Northeast following. They have their first international show Friday at iF3, the Montreal International Film Festival. Then, they hit some well-known spots in NYC, VT, and CT with The Funky Knuckles. November 9 they will perform at Finger Lakes Live and November 10 in Ithaca at The Range before a big show with Twiddle in Boston. They return to Syracuse at The Westcott Theater on December 2 with Enter the Haggis. I fully expect to see them join these bands off the stage on the jam band charts soon enough.

Brad remembers seeing O.A.R. in Syracuse around ten years ago so this experience has come “full circle.”  He has been a fan since college and enjoys their song writing and melodies. The two bands share similar styles being acoustically based and driven by rhythm guitar. O.A.R. has been a long time influence of theirs. The shared bill should make for a very enjoyable show.

Some highlights from our conversation hit on the inspiration they receive playing with other musicians as well as interacting with other creatives they meet along the way. The band members came together with a common desire to share themselves. They feel lucky to be a group that “dig each other’s styles” and be able to play off what comes naturally. They all “love playing for people and that’s the best way to survive in the industry.” They rely on the fans to give the energy back to them as well as supporting their musical journey by showing up, buying tickets and merchandise. “We exist by their grace,” Brad quoted Jerry Garcia.

Annie in the Water are recording shows and mixing tracks for an upcoming live EP. They will have a variety of merchandise including hats and stickers available at the show Wednesday.

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