Earl Hamilton /drums and vocals Mike Marzullo /bass and vocals Joe McSweeney / guitar and vocals Tony Campione/ guitar, keyboards,vocals Redline is made up of former members of the New York Flyers, Emerald City, and Northern Lights Redline is a high energy, high production rock band that tours New York State constantly for thousands of their loyal followers . [gallery type="slideshow" size="full" link="none" ids="6426,6427,6428,6429,6430,6431,6432,6433,6434,6435,6436,6437,6438,6439,6440,6441,6442,6443,6444,6445,6446,6447,6448,6449,6450,6451,6452,6453,6454,6455,6456,6457,6458"][...]
Label : Independent Artist Genre : ,

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