Azure Eyes On Display

The rain seemed to go on all week but between the days of rain the clouds moved aside for a beautiful Syracuse evening

Out front of Maxwells is the sound of Alysa Rose’s voice playing acoustic guitar along with Matt McRenalds on guitarist and percussion John Heard. The street is filled with the sound of great music and people gathering to view the photo art of Misse Thomas, Azure Eyes photography. Between some of the songs Misse Read her poetry

Art can come in many forms, a brush on a canvas, words on a page, notes of a song and in the right hands a camera. You have probably seen Misse’s work and not realized it. Many photos of musicians are all over the internet and on CNY Alive. Those only show part of the creative eye Misse has, from full size canvas prints to postcards her photos show a person that sees beyond the lens and shows us what exists in the sight of imagination. Everybody should see for themselves at or

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