Bang That Twang Country Swagg

You don’t have to be a country fan to like Country Swagg, but it helps. Mike has got the right voice and Stage presence to make sure you ain’t gonna walk away. Twangy guitars. Clean drums and great lyrics make a country band great.
Country Swagg puts it all together and brings a night full of songs you’ll be tapping your feet and slapping your thighs to. Most people sing right along with Mike and the band. You’d swear you were in Tennessee.

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They get down and dirty in a country way you’d kiss your cousin for. Next time you need a night of in your face country music this is the band you need. A cure for the common night, Country Swagg, and they play originals too, that’s a thumbs up from me. If you can’t get enough of their stage shows look up Country Swagg on Facebook for Mike’s Videos.

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