Bassist Bess from Binghamton

Crave the warm, haunting sound of an upright bass, bowed and plucked by a smokey-voiced woman? How about the tone of a 1969 Guild hollow-bodied electric guitar played through a fender amp, with the edgy grit and reverb made possible by this combo? On Friday November 24 Binghamton area native Bess Greenberg set the stage at The Ridge in Chittenango with the ethereal sounds of bass and guitar, guided by her rich vocals, ranging from husky to delicate. Her haunting originals (“Blindside of Me” “Stealing Home” “Electric Soul” and the brand new
“Undercover”) seamlessly intertwined with deep-cut covers such as Daniel Lanois’ “Where Will I Be” and The Samples’ “Did You Ever Look So Nice“ as well as “When It Don’t Come Easy” by Patty Griffin.

Bess started seriously playing music at the age of 33. Her background as an artist, photographer, and both college AND international (!) basketball star all co-mingle to give her the vision and tenacity required for a musical career. However, growing up in a musical family also helped plant the seed of music into Bess’s brain.

Anyone lucky enough to catch Bess Greenberg at one of her rare Syracuse-area shows will be mesmerized. If you get a chance to talk to her, her warmth and sincerity will make you feel like old pals. Catch her locally at Funk n Waffles on Clinton St. next month — December 27

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