Born To Run Band – Legends of Rock Show at Sharkey’s

An Asbury Park Musical Experience
The Born To Run Band was created to perform the music of12
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band along with various
other bands in the same genre. All instruments are played by
some of the most talented musicians from the Central NY area
to provide the audience one of the most true authentic
performances they’ll ever experience – that is unless they go to
see Bruce himself!
As a group we bring a unique level of precision and passion to
Springsteen and others’ music through each individual’s
respect for the the authenticity of the artists we are emulating
while not doing so in a “clone-like” manner.
Please check out our Born To Run Page on Facebook and
come out to experience the music and join in the fun!

Born To Run Band:
Michael Crissan: Lead Vocal, Guitar
Bill Barry: B3 Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
Lenny Milano: Drums, Vocals
Steven T. Winston: Bass guitar, Vocals
Joey Beccheria: Lead Guitar
Jeff Sawyer: Piano
Tony Greene: Tenor Saxophone

The BTR Horns:
Richard Racculia: Trombone
Brian Burke: Trumpet
Rodney Zajac: Baritone Sax

Check out a couple of our performances:


Check out our Musician/Band
Facebook Page: Born To Run

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