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Renaissance Festival Series Showcases More Than Music

1. Hi Cait! You’ve been running a live stream festival. How did you come up with the idea & name?
The online series I started is called “Renaissance Festival Series” with new musicians and content creators for each date. I saw a lot of people streaming live during quarantine, which I thought was amazing- but I realized it was mostly musicians. And while that is great, I wanted to show some love to the artists, painters, and people with various other talents as well. My goal was to make this online series different, and open it up to everyone. I chose “Renaissance Festival” as the name because its focused on appreciating and encouraging all forms of expression and art during these tough times.
2. What’s your goal?
The main goal is to inspire creativity and spread some light. My platform has also been growing this year, so I want to give other artists some exposure as well by hosting the series from my page and reposting everyone’s streams there!
3. How many more do you have planned?
As of now, I have two more planned. They are always on Saturdays. Each runs from 5-9:35 PM and the upcoming dates are May 23rd and the 30th!
Event pages:
4. How are you holding up through quarantine? What’s been the biggest challenge and how are you coping?
I’m doing alright! Aside from some shows getting canceled in NYC, I’m pretty much just on the usual grind of networking and creating new projects / music. I have an exciting guitar collaboration coming up soon, so can’t wait to share some details on that!!
Devin has also submitted a song to Subcat’s Songwriter contest.

“Cait Devin is an Indie / alt pop / rock singer songwriter from Central New York. With guitar being a key part of Cait’s artistry, she is one to dabble in many styles, reaching a diverse range of audiences. Key influences include Paramore, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Incubus, and Alice Cooper. With a mix of 90’s charm, modern contemporary sounds, and powerful, soulful vocals, Cait Devin is ready to take on the music industry with a determined to succeed and positive mindset.” Bio
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