All these tributes to John Lennon got me thinking. Lately the news has been marred with bad stuff, shootings, local and national, hurricanes, wars, and a political system that seems to be falling apart. No this isn’t a political statement so please don’t take it that way. There have been better times and worse times but this is our time, but we all should take some time to enjoy life. Music fills a soul with enjoyment. We all sing songs. In the car, the shower, in church, we hum a tune at work or sing a child to sleep. Music soothes us, even when it’s loud and shakes the windows. We yell loud and cheer the band on, not because we are in pain but because we are happy. We dance because the music gives us energy, a recharge for your soul.
Take time to detach from the news and information overload of television, Cable and the internet. Slow down and enjoy a song. I think that is what John Lennon wanted. I think it’s what all musicians want locally and worldwide, so take time, turn on the radio in your car or put the CD in, unwind that cassette tape and listen to a song from your youth. If you can push that 8 track in and don’t stop listening until its repeated the whole tape 4 times then go inside, dust of your vinyl and start playing and flipping the LP’s of your life. For those who might not understand all that, hit your iTunes on your phone and listen. After work find a live band and join them and your friends in a celebration of music and life. I can tell you all, that locally we have a great selection of musicians that work very hard to put on great shows. Enjoy life and don’t miss these folks.
Today starts the Celebration!
Thank You, Fred

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