Classic Rhythm ‘n Blues Are Back with Chris Eves and the New Normal

If classic rock had a grandson, Chris Eves is that grandson

If classic rock had a grandson, Chris Eves is that grandson. Monday evening at Subcat studio for the Soundcheck recording session, Chris Eves and The New Normal showed us that Classic Rock and rhythm and blues isn’t dead and The New Normal is taking up were the 1970’s Rock world left off. Sure, music changes and there is a lot of great music that has been made since the 1970’s. I am a lover of 1970’s classic rock and wondered if it could ever come back with a new vision but the same heart of rock n roll.

Chris and The New Normal shook the walls of SubCat with outstanding guitar licks. Keyboard leads solid bass rhythm and excellent Drums from behind the glass. They brought back the duel guitar styles of the Allman Bros and change ups and jams to keep us on the edge of our seats. This is the band that could bring back stadium rock. Fantastic lyrics and the music to bring us a new vision for Classic Rock made anew. I shouldn’t really compare or rate Chris Eves and the New Normal, they are and will be the band we rate future bands to be.

Once again Dave Frisna has taught us that CNY has great original music and we should all be seeking these musicians out and support them. Tell your friends, tell the people you don’t know. Chris Eves and the New Normal are well worth catching

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