Classic Rock Country hit the Tin Rooster with Corey Cox

Corey Cox at The Tin Rooster

Corey Cox, a self-taught guitarist and song writer. Growing up he listened to country music and classic rock n roll, learned “Smoke On The Water”, “Sweet Home Alabama” and other well-known favorites and performed for his friends during high school. His friends really liked to hear him play and pushed him on to continue, but off to college and playing baseball was the plan for Corey. He realized he might not really have a career in baseball, he didn’t have the best speed for pitching, but was playing gigs every weekend while attending college, then it clicked, he really loved performing and writing music. Corey decided to leave college and pursue his music career. “Probably not the best conversation to have with your parents.” Corey said, “but they were very supportive of my decision and knew I would put my heart into it.”

Corey Cox at The Tin Rooster

“There is no other job where you can have this kind of experience. Travel to so many places and meet new people every night” Corey added. He went on to tell me that meeting people and the different places really give him content for writing new music.
Corey comes from the 90’s influence of country and his father listened to a lot of classic rock 70’s and 80’s which he feels influenced his brand of music. A combination of Classic Rock and 90’s Country. “I am a big John Melllencamp fan, grewing up in Indiana.” Corey added, “I love writing story telling songs that take you back to a certain place in time. You’ll hear a lot of that in my songs. Like Mellencamp did too. I love songs like that because they are timeless.” Corey went on to tell me, on stage, he really loves Garth Brooks, the way he engages the crowd and brings a ring of Rock N Roll. What really stands out for Corey was opening for Blake Shelton at the Indy 500, 2 years ago. Being from Indiana and always listening to the race on the radio it meant a lot to play at the 100th running and it was the first sold out race in 10 years. With a big smile Corey said “My family was there with me and My father was back stage too.”

Although he left Indiana and came straight to the The Tin Rooster, Corey and his band did not show any signs of only 3 hours sleep. They hit the stage with power and excitement. The audience was up on their feet, dancing and singing along with every song they knew. You could see that Corey belongs on the stage in front of his fans. We can expect new music and a lot more performances from Corey Cox. I really enjoyed meeting Corey and even more was knocked off me feet by his voice and solid Classic Rock Country stage presence.


Photos by Deanna Reed

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