Country Jam brings a lot of Grit and a little Grace

What a great way to start a Country Jam but with Grit N Grace. Right from the start Jackie catches you with a great voice, solid clear and can make a non-country boy start slappin’ his thighs to the beat. Her presence on stage is bigger than life but still makes you feel like she is singing to you only.
Backed up by a trio of great musicians she even steps back and lets them take the lead. Bob on bass kills it when he sings AC/DC songs, and by kill it I mean he’s GREAT. Dave on Guitar is amazing. A band with one guitarist puts a lot of weight on the guitarist to carry the rhythm though leads but Dave plays them in a way that he becomes two guitars at one time, and he leaves nothing lacking in the songs. Frank on the skins is solid maintaining the beat and took his roll leading the vocals on a song also.
Over all Grit N Grace are a well-oiled machine. From Johnny Cash to Lynyrd Skynyrd. If you like singing along with a band. Grit N Grace is a definite to go out and see.

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Photos by Deanna Reed

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