Dangerous Night at The Wild Cat

Friday, May 12th, 2017, Debut of The Dangerous Type. What a way to open a show “What’s Your Name” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Once they started we knew we were in for great music all night. Kicking out great music such as Fast Lane from The Eagles, Sledge Hammer from Peter Gabriel and a great version of South Bound Saurez by Led Zeppelin. I have to add a lot of bands might play the usual Zepplin songs but you never hear a great one like South Bound Saurez. When they played Pink Floyd it reminded me of Childhood’s End band. Now that everybody is up and dancing Dangerous Type started playing the 80’s. Tears for Fears, The Cars (Obviously) Bad Company Talking Heads and many more.
Dangerous Type band members: Jerry Tarolli Guitar, Steve Schad Keyboard, Kevin Dean Drums and Andy Comstock Bass and Lead Vocals, Tim Robinson Guitar.
The Wildcat Sports Pub is a great place to catch this band and others. Large Bar friendly staff. Great food and live bands, you can’t beat it. I look forward seeing Dangerous Type again and stopping in to the Wildcat Sports Pub as well.

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