Dec 29th Chris Cornell Tribute and Fundraiser for Frank Cutie

Ben Blujus, Sam Roux, Gavin George (BSG) and friends 

On Saturday December 29 at Funk ‘n Waffles BSG, along with special guests, will be paying tribute to the sensational music of Chris Cornell with music from Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave, and other projects with his involvement. Neglected Foot will open the night. Special guests include Kevin Metzger, Jamie Cunningham, Ben Wayne, and Nadine Prince. All ticket proceeds will go to Frank Cutie and the Cutie Family. Come out for a great time and a great cause!! 


Our family has known the Cuties since their oldest child was a toddler. Over the last 24 years or so, we have watched each of their five children grow into beautiful young people, with promising futures on the horizon. This family is one of the strongest and most closely-knit we have ever known. Frank and Michele Cutie have instilled in their children love, patience, respect, compassion, generosity, and a hunger for learning.
In a matter of weeks, the Cutie family’s lives have been turned upside down. In July, their oldest son, Frankie, was diagnosed with a benign tumor. It had formed near the base of Frankie’s brain, and caused him to lose sight in one eye. About a month later, this kind compassionate young man went in for a risky surgery, to free his brain of the tumor, and hopefully restore his vision. The 15-hour surgery went well; the surgeon was able to remove every bit of the tumor, and the Cuties let out a breath they had been holding for weeks. Unfortunately, only hours later, Frankie suffered a stroke, and his brain swelled, requiring yet another surgery. Now, as Frankie fights to come back to us, his family waits, and prays, and hopes for a miracle, that their son, their big brother, is still in there.
Meanwhile, after more than two weeks in ICU, the hospital bill is climbing. Frank and Michele are spending much of their time at the hospital, to be close to their oldest pride and joy. Frankie’s parents and siblings take turns sitting with him, waiting for every small glimmer of hope of his recovery.
Anyone who has been fortunate enough to know Frankie, can tell you that this young man is one of the most beautiful souls of our time. He is a role model for his younger siblings. He has touched lives everywhere he has been. He’s done more in 26 years than some people do in a lifetime. He has gone halfway around the world to teach in four different provinces in China. He had expected to go to Vietnam this Fall, but that has been put on hold. He has gifted the world through his generosity of talent, his passion for music, his love for all people, his kindness and compassion towards all inhabitants of our Earth, and his genuine love of life. He truly is one of those people who makes the world, the universe, a better place to be.
We believe Frankie will recover, but it will be a long road for him and his family. Unfortunately, on top of the stress of recovery, they will also face the pressure of medical bills, which will surely be of astronomical proportions. We would like to ease that in some way, and ask you to give, even a little bit, if you can.
The Cuties have received an outpouring of love, support, and prayers from those around the world whose lives have been touched by this beautiful family and their beloved Frankie. We ask that you continue to send love to them, in prayers, positive energy, good vibes, or any other way that you believe in.

$10/$15 / Age 18 And Up

Photos and write up to follow show. 

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