Driftwood and Slow Train Friday Night at the Wescott Theater

How do you like your music? Served up a hot and rocking? With a heaping helping of originals? If you were at the Wescott theater on a recent Friday night, You would be at the right place!

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Driftwood’s wide variety of mostly originals (“The Sun’s Going Down,” “Maria Constantina,”) … With some incredible and deep covers (Dylan’s “Tombstone Blues,” Townes Van Zant’s “Waitin’ Around To Die”) thrown in, excited and entertained the crowd. Dancing and grooving to the music abounded! The gem of the night was during Driftwood’s encore. The band & instruments gathered on the floor, encircled by the entire Westcott Theater audience, and sang an unplugged version of “Buffalo Street.” A perfect amount of audience participation allowed the band’s talents to shine while allowing us all to feel the joy of of belting out the chorus. With vocals traded back-and-forth, and multiple changes in instruments, the band showed how polished their performance was from being on the road, heavily touring many festivals and music events in the entire United States. They announced that they plan to begin recording a new album within days. The group consists of Dan Forsyth (guitar, vocals), Joe Kollar (banjo, guitar, percussion), Claire Byrne (violin, vocals), and Joey Arcuri (upright bass, vocals.) Check out the video of “The Sun’s Going Down”

Learn more about the band at: https://www.driftwoodtheband.com/

Syracuse’s Slow Train opened the show, playing a powerful 45 minute set of originals. This music fan was pleasantly surprised by the talent in this 4-man band. Listen to them here:

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