Dynamic Duo have nothing on Frank & Burns

LIVERPOOL, NY – Saw this post on Monday from Frank Malfa on Facebook
“Soooo, we get a private message from the owner of The Retreat saying “I know it’s last minute, but I’m thinking about having a KICK OF THE SUMMER bash on the patio Monday to take advantage of the gorgeous unseasonably warm weather we’re going to have. And, would FRANK & BURNS like to perform for this party”????? Well, it took us about one minute to respond “HELL YES”!!!! Now, we need everyone to spread the word so we make this a EPIC party to celebrate with all the friends of The Retreat and FRANK & BURNS!!! The music will start at 5:30 and will continue until 8:30 taking advantage of the warm sunshine!!! SEE YOU ALL AT THE RETREAT!!!! ?✌️?

How could we pass a great 75 degree night in April with Frank and Burns at The Retreat in Liverpool. This Dynamic Dou would put Batman and Robin to shame. They are more like Batman and Batman kicking the winter blues out of Syracuse and ringing in summer perfectly and they don’t even need a utility belt. Belting out songs from Tom Petty, Jim Croce, The Who, Staind and many more. If that wasn’t enough, Mike Burn’s Father joined them and turned it up a couple notches. Frank and Burns are great performers who absolutely love their crowd. If you haven’t been to one of their shows, check our listings and get to one, soon.

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