May 26, 2020
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May Mahem Art Treasure Hunt

Friday,May 1 - Saturday,May 30

During the month of May the artists of the Cathedral Collective will be hiding art in random locations around the city of Syracuse.

Each day a photo will be posted on the @cathedral_collective instagram with clues on how and where to find the art! Receive a prize from each artist by being the first person to find the art, posting a photo of the found object and tagging the @cathedral_collective as well as the artist!

Event runs May 1st – 30th!

Simplified instructions:

1. Have an instagram account.

2. Find and follow: @cathedral_collective

3. Find the photo of the day and follow the clues.

4. Find the art, it’s yours congratulations!

5. Take a photo of it or with it!

6. Use the tags labeled on the art to post onto Instagram from your profile, tag the @cathedral_colective and the artist’s tag as listed.

7. If you have followed all the previous instructions properly, you have won at life and will be connected to the artist to send you a random surprise!

What do you win you ask? Well at the very least satisfaction, fun, and a random prize of the artist’s choosing. It could be bats! Candy! A gentleman’s greeting, another piece of art! The sky is the limit!

Roster of artists updated 4/23/2020 in order of drop:
Jamie Santos, Glendon Allen, Holly Wilson, Micheal John Heagerty, Tino Lopez, Shawnee, Missy Thomas, Lynette Spencer, Amy Bartell, Kara Daviau, Adam Shannon, Molly Pratt, Talia, Patti Maybe, Mike Giannattasio, Sue Murphy, Tony Thompson, Jemola Addley, Cayetano Valenzuela, Risa Fox, Cody Ryan

Dates, Times and Fees of Events are subject to change – call ahead to verify.