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I wanted to share the success stories of a couple of musicians’ fundraising efforts. It is an honorable quest to livestream performances to raise money for others. However, they rely on FANtastic fans to really come through to support these causes. This is the kind of news we need to spread.

Here are my interviews with two local musicians rallying the troops for good: Corey Paige and Paul Davie

Corey Paige
1. What was your personal motivation for fundraising for others?

After a few weeks of sitting around feeling kind of helpless like everyone else, it occurred to me that I could use live streaming as a way to contribute. A few musician friends had already started doing “virtual shows” and I had done a few charity streams in the past, so it just made sense.

2. How did you choose your charities?

For the first week I wanted to raise money directly for the coronavirus relief effort, so I chose the CNY COVID-19 Community Support Fund. After that I broadened the scope a little to include organizations that I thought had to be adversely affected by the situation. All of the charities we’ve donated to so far:
The COVID-19 Community Support Fund
Food Bank of CNY
Vera House
Meals on Wheels Syracuse
Make-A-Wish of CNY
13thirty Cancer Connect

3. What are your totals so far?

As of 05/04, viewers have donated $4,900 through me via PayPal and Venmo. I also encourage viewers to donate directly at an organization’s website if they’d rather, but I never see those numbers, so the total is most likely quite a bit higher.

4. Future plans to keep this going?

I stream every Thursday night at 8PM and call it GTFI. I’m planning on doing at least a few more weeks. After that I might keep it going as a monthly or sporadic event. I put up a little website with info about the stream at if that helps.

5. What type of live shows are you doing?

I’ve been doing mostly originals with a few covers mixed in each week. I pick 8 or 10 songs and try to mix older and newer stuff. I also try to do a request here or there.

6. How can someone contribute even if they miss your live show?

I often have donations coming in for a few days after each stream. Anyone that would like to contribute can send their donation to me via Venmo @Corey-Paige or PayPal [email protected]

7. Additional thoughts...projects you’re working on, your current work sitch, etc

I work for myself and luckily have a normal schedule from home every day. I’ve come to really look forward to stream night. It’s as close as any of us can get to a live gig at the moment so it’s a great way to break up these long, weird weeks at home.

Paul Davie

1. What was your personal motivation for fundraising for others?

I’ve been unemployed before during my 25 years in the advertising industry, specifically after 9-11 and the 2008 recession…with 3 kids to feed. So I know the helpless feelings that can come with it. I got through those tough situations with the help of generous, loving friends and family. Even though I am not gigging during this current crisis, my self employment situation is stable for a myriad of reasons, so I felt strongly that it was now my turn to help full time musicians who don’t have a “Plan B” or other sources of income, with kids to feed and are still waiting for their unemployment claims to come through.

2. How did you choose your charities?

Along with, my main promotional partner for “The Local 315 Musicians In-Need Fund” (which is simply a working title, and not an official organization) is Lock 1 Distilling Co. in Phoenix, where I had just started in February as their music talent booker. The owners and management are working with me to look at our area’s musicians and their situations in the coming days, to see who should get some immediate aid.

3. What are your totals so far?

Thanks to some generous donors, we’ve just gone over the $1000 mark, between 2 heavily promoted live stream events I put on in the past week.

4. Future plans to keep this going?

I have just made my mind up a couple of days ago, to pursue resurrecting “BeatleCuse“, in the form of one long watch party – featuring 20 minute sets from veteran musicians who have taken part in the productions between 2014-2019. “BeatleCuse 2020: Relax & Float Live Stream” (another working title) would also be a fundraiser for the 315 fund, with a date to be established soon.
5. What type of live shows are you doing?
My solo act streams have also been successful, including an epic 9 & 1/2 Beatles song marathon on April 1st, which raised enough funds for me to make ends meet for the month, until the stimulus check arrived. I wholeheartedly ask for requests, and hopefully folks will chip in on the virtual tip jars. If not, it’s still OK…I miss playing out in the clubs and venues. My solo act is known for my tribute-like approach to 60s thru 90s hits we heard on the radio growing up.

6. How can someone contribute even if they miss your live show?

The Local 315 Fund links are the same as my personal links:
Venmo @PaulDavie
I am sharing the accounting statements with Lock 1 verification. It’s just much easier that way.
7. Additional thoughts … projects you’re working on, your current work sitch, etc
Driving Uber is keeping me busy and I’m starting to dabble writing some original songs for the first time…but I emphasize the word “dabble”. Slowly but surely. If life gets back to normal in July, I’m still hoping and praying to put on a BC20 All-Star event at Colloca Winery on the 12th and a Fab Five band reunion on the 22nd.

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