Frank and Friends play The Tiki Bar

Relax, take your shoes off and dip your toes in the sand.

Relax, take your shoes off and dip your toes in the sand. Beautiful river, good food and friendly service. Now that summer is on us. Get outside and catch a band in the sand. Music while the sun sets. One thing I really like about the Tiki Bar is one tab for the bar and food inside. The second bar will also share tabs soon so you won’t have to close out one tab and open another. This is perfect so if one bar is busy you can go to the other without a bother of two tabs.

Frank and Friends are not just the three musicians on stage. Frank Malfa makes everybody feel like a friend. Frank and Friends put on a great show with our favorites from the Eagles, Beatles, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Allman Bros, Jackson Brown and The Who.
They also played an all-time favorite of mine, Grand Funk’s “Closer To Home”. Joe Esce has a great vocal range and is a gas to watch. Frank Malfa has so much energy he broke a string. Bruce Martin although seemingly quite offers wonderful harmony and wonderful bass skills to the group. This is not a group to miss this summer, as Frank says “It’s time to partea!” Summer 2018.

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