Greenwood Winery & Bistro

Driving towards the Greenwood Winery & Bistro, located at 6475 Collamer Rd. in East Syracuse, feels like coming upon an oasis in the desert: an unexpected welcoming site in an otherwise barren landscape. Despite the fact that it is surrounded by industrial and office business-looking buildings, the winery feels like an escape hatch into a classy, relaxing bistro.

On a recent Friday night, a lively crowd drank, ate, and grooved to the solo-acoustic songs of Corey Paige. Performers set up near a bank of windows facing the bar. The calendar of upcoming musical acts looked full through February.

Offering at the bar included several fancy cocktails, beer, hard cider, and of course their extensive wine choices. This writer chose a maple-infused Manhattan. It was worth the $10! Beer and hard cider go for about $6.

Despite a tight squeeze in places, patrons were convivial and relaxed. It was obvious that the Greenwood Winery & Bistro attracts a dedicated happy hour crowd on Fridays. The music of Corey Paige (performed from 6:30- 9:45) kept the crowd happy until the end of the night.

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