Held Hostage coming to Syracuse Flooring America Summer Stage at Sharkey’s

Held Hostage is a Rock Band from 80s and 90s that has reunited and is headed to Sharkey’s Syracuse Flooring America Summer Stage. They are known mostly for two hit songs from the 90’s Rockin the Night Away and Please Rescue Me.

I had the opportunity to talk with Tom Collier founder and lead vocalist of Held Hostage. Tom told me that Held Hostage has been very lucky to be affiliated with such great people. The band has opened for many national acts including Eddie Money, Manowar, Benny Mardones, Savoy Brown, Foghat and Goo Goo Dolls not to mention the countless shows they have headlined.

Held Hostage band members are Tom Collier Vocals and Lead Guitar, Chuck Robbins on Drums, Scott Gregg on Rhythm Guitar and Frank Smith on Bass. Held Hostage was inspired by bands like The RODS, AC/DC, Anthrax and Def Leopard. Tom pointed out his favorite band is The Rods. “I become good friends with Carl Canedy the Drummer of The Rods, and he helped produce my album” Tom said. On Wednesday June 14th at Sharkey’s Held Hostage has the pleasure of opening up for the Rods.

At Sharkey’s they will be playing all Originals. One song in particular is “Show Me The Way Back Home” Tom wrote this song for all the US Vets from all conflicts. This song is very popular on iTunes and radio across America with 50% of the proceeds going to various Veteran Groups. The video is a must see, the beginning of “Show Me the Way Back Home” is children of veterans saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tom tells me we can expect to see high energy Rock-n-Roll. Towards the end of the set they will bring out a piano player and play “Show Me The Way Back Home” and dedicate it to all the veterans. Tom tells me he will have several veterans as guests and bring them on the stage to say the Pledge of Allegiance as well.
Tom also tells me he will have a new album coming out this fall with Carl Canedy. Bret Alexander will be a special guest vocalist on the album as well. I look forward to seeing Tom and Held Hostage, Wednesday, June 14th at Sharkey’s in Liverpool.

Published on May 30, 2017
In Dedication of those Brave Men & Women who served this country past and present. Held Hostage is donating 50% of the net proceeds to various Veterans organizations. Produced By Carl Canedy

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