KMase Productions Storytellers Mini Tour hits the Nelson Odeon

KMase Storytellers Series is on the road for their first mini tour. Charley Orlando, Mike Powell, and Chris Merkley bring their songs to four local listening rooms. They played Lovin’ Cup in Rochester, The Nelson Odeon, and head to Borodino Range today then wrap up at Bru 64. If you are a lyric lover and want to hear the stories behind the songs in an intimate setting this tour is for you.

Kathleen Metallo-Mason, KMase, said it made sense to connect CNY listening rooms with the talented local songwriters. KMase Productions with Charley Orlando and Bea have been working for four years together and are proud to make this tour a reality. It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase original music.

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For the 70 guests in attendance Friday the 13th proved to be a very lucky day in Nelson. The sound in the old grange hall is truly amazing. Add some BOSE speakers and the music is perfectly accentuated.  Linda and Jeff Schoenfeld own The Nelson Odeon and live next door providing bed and breakfast like hospitality to traveling musicians. They work with six agencies to bring unique international acts to Nelson. Jeff, a fan of songwriters, said they typically book a couple local acts per year. This marked the 200th show in eight years. The hall is lined with framed show posters.  Linda bakes special desserts to sell at each show inspired by historical events. Last night featured a Silver Dollar cake named for the anniversary of a double headed Lewis & Clark coin. The two of them have innumerable stories to recount and interesting facts that may just lend themselves to some new lyrics for one of these songwriters. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and a treat for guests and musicians alike. The building, built in 1880, is in the right hands serving its true purpose.

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