Legendary Shifty’s Bar and Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook

We met Molly, the winner of our Syracuse Alive’s 2017 and presented her with her prize at Shifty’s on Burnet Ave in Syracuse , by the time we arrived, the place was already hopping Molly and Jordon were moving like well-oiled machines.
To add to the great service, we had Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook playing as well. As soon as they started playing the place was dancing. Ava Andrews led us though the evening with her Aretha Franklin voice and style. As soon as she started singing people were up and cheering. She leads a fantastic group of R&B Musicians.
Set off to the side and not to be ignored was Ed Vivenzio on the keys. He brought a full blues sound to the night, full of life and class. “Lee Otis” Tiffault on guitar maintains a cool presence but plays some mean licks when called for. Jimmy Spivey rolls on the bass like it was a part of him. He brings the blues and funk sound needed to get us off our butts and dance. Not to be left out, Dave Hanlon, Drummer, vocals and Band leader brings all this together in a tight flowing night of fantastic music. Songs like “Hey Pockey Pockey”, “What’s Goin on?”, a Sly and the Family Stone Melody, “Nothing from Nothing” and so many more. The evening was a treasure trove of the greatest R&B music.
The one thing I always look for is a drum solo, I don’t know why but there is something about a drummer coming to the focus of the evening. Well if you haven’t seen Dave Hanlon do a drum solo you are missing out. My longtime friend described it best with one word “Fireworks!”
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook, it won’t be a waste of time.

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