Max Puglisi’s Going Away Party

Max Puglisi, a key player, mover, shaker and leader in the Syracuse music community is moving to NYC. “I’m going to make connections with venues and people and plug the Syracuse Music scene,” Max promised.

All he has done for the Syracuse music community was embodied in his send off. It was the kind of party you knew you were lucky to be at and all of the people who couldn’t be there wished they were. “This is a great little party. This room is full with a great group of people. It’s solid. It’s cool, “ Blake Propst observed. The party was held at Otro Cinco. Max has worked at Otro Cinco and Alto Cinco bartending and booking the music.

Singer, looper, percussionist, guitarist extraordinaire Max started the late night Open Jam at Alto Cinco. “I know most of the people here because of that and I know I’m a better player because of that too…improvising and playing with others. Starting the open jam is why the community got tighter,” mused Ian Doherty. “This town wouldn’t be as cultural. Max told me there was a Renaissance going on in Syracuse. He was more a part of it than he knew,” Dan Poorman told me. “I wouldn’t be in a band (Strange to Look At). Max put me in a syringe and injected me into the music scene,” Poorman continued. Jeremy Allen, bandmate, shared those sentiments.

Max is one of the most likeable, genuine dudes you could have the pleasure of talking to. “One of his biggest assets is he connects with everyone. He has an innate way of including and supporting people,” Dan Poorman explained. Endless stories of Max’s influence and direct connections were recounted throughout the night.

Max and his funk fusion band Chiggin have been at More Sound Recording Studio working on an album. The band plans to play shows between NYC and Syracuse. Follow Chiggin on Facebook to keep up.

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