National Recording Artist to Perform at The Sting

Courtney Dickinson

OSWEGO, NY – Courtney Dickinson‘s single “So Over The Rainbow” reached Top 40 on the Music Row Breakout Chart just a few weeks ago.

Now, the independent artist is traveling the country to visit the radio stations that helped launch her single.

“Radio was very responsive, they helped me and played it a lot and it actually had a lot of air play up in New York,” Dickinson said of the song’s success. “I would say New York altogether was probably the highest playing state, so I’ve had a lot of luck in Upstate New York actually.”

Dickinson and her team are in Upstate New York to visit those radio stations that played her song and perform a handful of shows for her NY fan base.

One of those performances will be at The Sting located at 49 West Bridge Street in Oswego on Saturday (June 24) starting at 9 p.m.

“I’ve never done any shows in Upstate NY so this is the first,” she said of her performance. “I’m super excited because I’ve had some good response, everyone seems to be really excited, welcoming, and really nice, so I’m really excited. I think it will be fun.”

The 22-year-old country singer from north Georgia, has been diving into country music since she was 12-years-old when her first big contest win landed her a duet performance with one of country music’s biggest names, Billy Ray Cyrus.

In 2015, she took the leap to move to Nashville to further her career. In 2016, she released her debut single “Young Forever” that landed Top 80 on the charts.

Most recently, she’s working on the success of her Top 40 single “So Over the Rainbow” with plans to continue touring the radio stations that helped her climb the ladder of success and performing shows for her fans before returning home to Nashville to start recording her next single.

“I’m working on new music, working on new shows. Just kind of traveling and going wherever I can to get my music out there,” Dickinson said.

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