Not A Hard Promise To Keep

A promise of a great night of music. Hard Promises kept their word. FX Caprara Bike Night at Sharkey’s Syracuse Flooring America Stage was hot last Thursday Evening.

Hard Promises jumped into the night with a great opening song, Baby Hold On To Me by Eddie Money. Followed by great songs from Foreigner, Cheap Trick and Rod Stewart to name just a few. I really have to say if you missed this evening you missed a great night. Hard Promises holds your attention the whole time they are on stage and when they are not on stage you are wanting more.
Lead Singer Jeff Gordon light’s up the stage with his presence. Guitarist Kevin Farrell was awesome.

The two of them burn up the stage in a way I am sure Sharkey’s had to replace some board. Keyboardist John Goodwin led us into a fantastic version of Hear I Go Again by White Snake. I never want to discount the rhythm section if you will, because truthfully without Todd Troubetaris on Bass and Drummer Matthew David the PROMISES of a great night of rock n roll would have been HARD to keep.
To top off my night, Baby You Can Drive My Car by The Beatles! This was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated. Then to think I was all set Paul McCartney’s Baby I’m Amazed. So now I am really rocking and sure they won’t catch me off guard. Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith, Holy S**T! Move me into the eighties with REO Speedwagon Roll With The Changes. One thing I won’t change is my love for great music and these boys won’t leave you disappointed. I promise.

In the middle of all this we were treated to Special Guest Peg Newell on Guitar, school teacher by day and Rock -N- Roll Guitarist by night. This super heroin of the Class room and mild manor guitarist, shows us how it’s done. Alice Cooper said Schools Out. I think she will disagree. I am honored she took time to talk back stage with me. I look forward to seeing her play again, soon.

Peg and Me

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