Pints of Guinness, Shots of Jameson is a Storm waiting to happen and calls for a Two Hour Delay at Kitty Hoyne’s

Had the opportunity to catch up with Two Hour Delay recently at Kitty Hoyne’s in Armory Square. These are four musicians with a lot of class. Two Hour Delay has a very unique sound, it’s like taking Folk mixing it with a little Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock with a good topping of The Grateful Dead and Johnny Cash, and they really make it work.

Tim Burns leads them and has a unique voice and a great acoustic rhythm guitar. Standing tall, Bassist Joe Henson is a perfect accessory on vocals and solid bassist. Brian Welch maintains a solid beat. Kitty Hoyne’s can be a tight place for a full band but he fit in the corner and it didn’t slow him down. Bob Gaus on electric guitar is well seasoned performer. He knows when to hit it and when to sit back and fill out the song.

I think it is important for local musicians to be able to react to the evening. What I mean buy this, sometimes you should change up the set list and play to your audience for that night. Right before the end of the first set they did a version of “The Seeker” by “The Who” I say, Two Hour Delay, THANK YOU! No body plays the Who any more.

Two Hour Delay shows how a well-practiced group can move things around and surprise the audience and keep them involved and not just talking at the bar. They play it as they hear it, another important part of live music for me. You don’t have to repeat the song exactly as the original played it. Two Hour delay did this and gave a great example of a class act. They also have their original CD, I was able to grab a copy and run with ?. Self-titled debut CD is a great listen in the car or just hangin’ out with friends.


You can get the CD here 

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