Play Like There Is No Tomorrow

Bill, Todd, Joel, Sal, Jimmy

If last night had been the last day of the NYS Fair, I would not have been disappointed. Last stop of the night was The Suds Factory Courtside Grill, to see Scars ‘N Stripes. A group that needs no introduction. Tonight, they brought their A game times 10! There was another group that played at Chevy Court but for Syracuse Alive, Scars ‘N Stripes were the premier show. We talked to Joel (the Bass Player) between sets and discussed the connection between a band and its audience. It’s Like a symbiotic connection between the two. When the energy between band and audience is equal all hell breaks loose. It’s like an explosion and nothing else really is happening in the world but the show. A great show needs the audience as much as it needs the band.

Bill Ali didn’t even need to work last night because the audience was pumped up to sing every song with the band, the audience participation of singing along was so loud that the band couldn’t hear their own monitors on stage.

This was a show to remember. I first saw Scars ‘N Stripes at Mac’s Bad Art Bar in Mattydale about 5 years ago. I saw a band that couldn’t get close enough to their fans. Tonight, was just like the first time but 10 times the energy. If you missed it I am sorry for you. If you were there you know what I am talking about. Bill, Joel, Todd, Jimmy and Sal blew the main gate off the Fair grounds. I can tell you, Scars ‘N Stripes are a fans band. They love their fans and the let them know every time they take the stage. Don’t be that person that hasn’t seen them. Find them and join the fans of Scars ‘N Strips Nation. Like Bill said, hug a friend, hug a neighbor and be proud to be an American!
*Photos by Deanna “Bonnie” Reed

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