Resonate E for Ex-So-lent!

Walking into Sharkey’s in Liverpool, last Friday I was greeted with While My Guitar Gently Weeps played by Miss E and The Resonators. It was a great idea to stop in and catch Miss E.

Miss E and The Resonators a three-piece band consisting of Missy Ragonese on Guitar and Vocals, Jeff Martin on Bass and Electric Standup Bass and Kevin Dean on Drums. A three-piece band has a full body concert band sound. Miss E has an authentic blues and classic rock guitar style that will knock your socks off. Jeff brings a great style of bass and the Electric stand up is not something you see often, but it adds a great sound and style to the songs. Kevin was nothing short of great. Tight beat and drum rolls just beggin’ for a drum solo that’s if he doesn’t break another stick.

I don’t hear Hendrix live too often, Miss E did a great version of “Little Wing”. Did I tell you she can sing, hell ya she can! The Resonators even pull off some requests. I yelled out Grand Funk and didn’t Miss E put Mark Farner to shame, with a great version of “Some Kind of Wonderful”. They rocked the Sh## out of Ram Jam’s version of “Black Betty” and “Come Together” Beatles version, another great song was Purple Rain, I wasn’t ready for that and they did not let the crowd down. Some guy at the bar (me) yells out for Peter Frampton and she gave him “A Penny For Your Thoughts”, nicely done Miss E, nicely done, other artists they covered, Tracy Chapman, Talking Heads, Cream and Norman’s Greenbaum “Spirit in the Sky”. Best of all, in my opinion, was Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”.

Miss E did her originals too and I would say everybody should catch this group and pick up the CD, they are well worth your time and $$’s

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