RevueReview Series at 443

Chuck Schiele hosts a series showcasing local original artists

The first showcase of the RevueReview series included Bob Halligan Jr., Colin Aberdeen and Christopher Ames in a songwriter/storyteller in the round format at The 443 Social Club & Lounge.

Chuck Schiele, two coast musician, organized the evening.  “443 raised the bar for our scene,” he said. The room honors songwriters and a true listening experience. If you haven’t been yet you’re really missing out on something special.  Remember watching VH1 Storytellers or MTV Unplugged? We have a venue that provides that type of intimate experience. Schiele went on to compare songwriting to a form of journalism. “We do this for you, with you. It’s a conversation,” Halligan explained to the room.

Halligan performed first with Junkyard by his band Ceili Rain and a story of the song played by Kathy Mattea on The View. He also played an entertaining version of his composition Some Heads Are Gonna Roll made popular by Judas Priest. Halligan has a long list of bands he has written songs for and countless awards.  He is the most successful local songwriter in the rock world. He has a Christmas song, We Are One, available. Each download supports three meals for the homeless through Music for the Mission. Check out the link to support this cause.

As a nice segway, Halligan produced an album with Ames. Ames said most of his songs are about his children or tragedies. There was definitely a theme this night when he chose two songs about heroes. His stories were entertaining and his playing was dynamic and impressive. “Stand Up For What’s Right No Matter How Dark The Night,” was a message that resonated with me.

Aberdeen told us about deciding to quit his job as a bouncer to play music in the street. His friends at the time thought he was crazy. “I’d rather suck at that than be good at this,” he told them. The rest is history. He’s been touring and performing locally for 30 years.  He’s got the solo act down and can draw you right in with his clever lyrics, skillful guitar and stompbox.

The next installment is slated for December 4th. Keep an eye on the calendar for more info.



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