Rhapsody at the Liverpool Limp Lizard on a Thursday evening

Photo by Susan Coleman

If you live anywhere near Liverpool, you know that the Limp Lizard is appealing not only for its take on the classic slow-cooked barbecue meats and savory sides, but also for its commitment to live, local music!

Thursday night featured particularly entertaining band: Rhapsody. These members can also be found in three other well-known band: bassist Edgar Pagan from Grupo Pagan and singer ReBecca Hoffman Blanch and
Guitarist Dan Shaw from Brickyard Road. https://www.facebook.com/RhapsodyContactInfo/

The eclectic backgrounds of these performers is sure to make you curious about the sounds to expect from Rhapsody! The audience was treated to such classic hits as Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl” and Guns ‘n Rose’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Edgar’s sweet vocals on a Spanish & English version of Stand By Me had the audience singing (and snapping!) along.

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