Roger Daltrey A Quick One While Pete’s Away

As I sit and wait for the show to start I remember my teenage years and going to The Dome to see The Who.

As I sit and wait for the show to start I remember my teenage years and going to The Dome to see The Who. I also saw them at Daren Lake for the Quadrophenia tour in the 1990’s, and later seeing The Who in Boston 7th row seats then eventually stage side and I saw music legends Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey missing John Entwistle, this was shortly after he passed on. They played all my favorite songs. and tonight they start out with Simon Townsend playing The Overture to Tommy, yet this is not the Tommy show they are currently touring. “Captain Walker didn’t come home …” You know the song and the voice. What a way to start. The band: On acoustic guitar, Simon Townsend, guitarist Frank Simes, John Button on bass, Scott Devours on drums, Loren Gold on keyboards and Roger Daltrey.
As promised “Athena” which actually had a couple of versions, and from way back “I Can See For Miles”, Roger can still sing “5:15” like it’s 1973. Another song ,as he told us in the interview, never played live by The Who “Going Mobile”. They also performed “Without Your Love”, Blew out “Young Man Blues” like it was 1970’s “Live At Leads” Album and “Baba O’Riley”.
I always loved Roger’s Voice on “Tommy”, “Quadrophinia” and “Who’s Next”. In my interview with Daltrey he briefly talked about the Vinyl Albums which are on a come back in the UK and we hope it happens here. I miss vinyl albums too. Many times you would catch better songs than what you heard on the radio, as Daltrey said “You would play the record from beginning to end, you didn’t skip from song to song.”

I listened to Roger’s newest release “As Long As I have You”. Roger’s words and voice reaches deep to the heart. He explained on stage that he is not a religious man, but he is spiritual, as a young man I loved the power of and the raw energy of The Who and Roger Daltrey’s solo music. Interestingly enough, the last song of the evening was “Always Heading Home” not a blow out in your face flashing lights but slow and a nice way to say, All The Best, to the audience.

Roger Daltrey’s Charities  Teen Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America

Purchase “As Long As I Have You” here My suggestions is the Red Vinyl Album

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