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This album was just what Syracuse needed. We’ve got a new band in town and this EP is refreshing and full of energy. It feels like Spring. Indie Rockers, Kevin McGinn: vocals, Mike Teixeira: guitar, Jack Goodfellow: guitar, Andy Babbitt: bass, and Chris Santiago: drums, recorded to tape at Moletrax Studio. On my last visit to the studio producer Jeff Moleski told me it was “radio ready” after a couple takes. The band wanted it to sound like you were in the room with them playing. Local music DJs Scott Dixon and Dave Frisina jumped on playing it on the air. I appreciate both the rawness from recording live and the intricacies of planned reverb creating cool transitions. Boxcar Joyride has been my go to driving soundtrack.

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I got to sit down with the band to discuss the album over pizza at Maxwells. McGinn came up with the band name after being in a drugstore listening to the same old soundtrack made him feel “sentimental and weird.” The album name was originally going to be named for the song Retrograde but during recording the lyric boxcar joyride from Fire Walk With Me stuck out. Teixera explained it was like Jack Kerouac’s philosophy of “going somewhere, anywhere, as long as you’re alive.”  Goodfellow created the album art. The band members each bring “skeleton songs” to collaborate on to “keep the collective sound.” They already have a couple new songs that have kind of written themselves. They have a style reminiscent of The Killers and post grunge alt rock.

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See them live:

May 10  95x Locals Only at The Lost Horizon

June 2 Bacon & Bourbon Festival at The Ridge

June 6  Apostrophe’s

July 26 A Lovely Time Festival at Snow Ridge Ski Resort




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