SNARL Syracuse Fashion Week’s Spooky Show

Mythological Monsters & Creepy Creatures

JPHii Designs


The 2018 Syracuse Snarl took place at the Landmark Theater Thursday night. Nine designers transformed their models into Mythological Monsters and Creepy Creatures. Styleman Designs, Salt City Belles and Beaus, JPHii Designs, S&M Designs, Paint Nite, Museum of Intrigue/Frightmare Farms, Inspired Designs and Fashion Fix participated this year.

Syracuse Fashion Week members Lisa Bulter, Anna Diaz, Danielle Bianco and Marisa’s Fortress of Beauty Marisa Fusco and Shannon Fleming put on diverse fashion shows in the fall and spring.  Their philosophy is “Always Inclusive, Never Exclusive.” There’s really something for everyone. Be on the lookout for the April shows:

Joe Grosvent was the MC for the charity event. Empire Brewing Company was a sponsor. All Syracuse Fashion Week proceeds go to The Food Bank of Central New York. VIP tickets and general admission tickets were sold. It is a solid community building event with designers, hair and makeup artists, models, musicians, photographers and businesses coming together for charity. You may recognize some of these faces, although some are pretty well disguised!

I was also in the show so my pictures are from behind the scenes. Watch Dennis Fernando’s live feed of the runway here:    

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