“Spirit In Music” Tribute Night At The Ridge

The Ridge sure knows how to put on a show!!

Photo By Melinda Sarkus

The Ridge sure knows how to put on a show! And by a “show,” I mean a 5-hour fun-filled fest with amazing music, reasonably priced drinks, and delicious and creative foods to choose from. This past Sunday’s tribute to the “Spirit In Music” did not disappoint. Dozens of local musicians took turns sharing the stage with one another as they played a mix of classic songs (and a few originals!) that exemplified the idea of a “higher power.” The audience swayed and danced to spirituals such as “Wayfaring Stranger” and “I Am A Pilgrim” as well as popular songs like Joan Osborne’s “What If God Was One Of Us” and Bob Marley’s “One Love.”

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These “tribute” nights could not happen without the dedication and energy of the performers (at least 14 different lead vocalists at this most recent one!) and of Jamie Notarthomas and Melinda Sarkus. Jamie shared the stage with many of the performers, and also sang lead on several selections including some of his originals! A partial list of Sunday’s lead singers include Jamie, Tim Burns, Ed Gorham, Len Widdekind, Mark Chatwin, Edgar Pagan, Lisa Lee, Steve Scuteri, Scott Wilson, Mike Gridley, Joe Driscoll, Ronnie Leigh, Bryan Dickenson, Liz Friedel, Devinne Meyers, Chuck Schiele, and Mike Davis. Several backing musicians and vocalists wove on and off the stage throughout the evening, including Andrea Love, Mark Tanner, Bob Purdy, Dave Rybinski, Mike Bowers, Dan Coley, Byron Cage, Phil Smith, David Donley, Tom Westcott, Dunham Hall, Bill DiCosimo, Jose Varona, other Grupo Pagan members, and even this writer….who provided some simple bass parts on a few songs!

These tribute events are typically scheduled for Tuesdays. Here are some upcoming shows: (admission is generally $11.11 presale and $15 at the door)

Tues. July 24: George Harrison
Tues Aug 7: Peter Gabriel
Tues Aug 28: Bob Marley

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