Step Back In Time with The Barndogs

The Barndogs were our guide. I was born mid 60’s so I never had the chance to see a lot of my favorite bands play live.
I still have a lot of Vinyl Records of my classic rock favorites. Thursday evening it was like The Barndogs knew what my alums were and started playing them. They brought us back to a time when guitars and keyboards ruled the stage. Starting out with The Spencer Davis Group, The Barndogs led us all into a journey of classic rock not easily forgotten. Andy Comstock Bass and lead vocals has the perfect classic rock voice. They blew me away with Cream’s Sunshine of My Love. The classy bear footed guitarist Mark Westers made me feel like we could have been at Woodstock 1969. Very much to my surprise, The Doors! John Kaspusniak Keyboards opening Riders On The Storm was a great lead into Andy howling Jim Morrison’s lyrics. ( I mean that in a good way). I was just asking Bonnie two days prior, “Why don’t any of the bands play The Doors. To my much appreciating ears the Barndogs played many, so many I lost count. Never over playing to be forgotten, the heart beat of these great songs, Pete Syzmanski drummer kept us all in time.
The Barndogs didn’t stop at just these few bands, not by a decade did they. Jethro Tull, Wow really, yes and The Grateful Dead as well. I am not lying, Allman Brothers, man Mark was killing it here, we will always remember the great Gregg Allman and Mark gave a perfect tribute to him. They rocked on with Uria Heap, CCR and Grand Funk. The played a tribute to all our military veterans with my all time favorite, Grand Funk Railroad’s Closer To Home. I definitely did not want to leave this show and come back to the present day.
If I had a wish, start the night with Time Machine by Grand Fund so we know what we are in for and add some Jimmy Hendrix. It took me several days to make it back to this decade but I made it back and found a computer to wrote this story.
I love it when bands play their own live variations and even improvise great classic rock. To the guys in the Barndogs you don’t need more cow bell but it won’t hurt either ?

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