Steven Cali Takes The Sting By Storm

An Upstate New York native, up and coming country star Steven Cali has the charm of a true Southerner.

Together with his laid back tude and vocals that can silence a packed house in awe, his performance is not one to miss.

Despite a rainy night halting an outdoor performance at The Sting in Oswego, Cali seamlessly rolled with the punches and moved his production inside. Rather than being halted by a storm, he settled in and took The Sting by storm instead.

Singing a mix of covers from some of the best country stars along with some original pieces, each song had a Steven Cali unique touch with a signature raspy style low note hit flawlessly.

A solo performance, he noted the difficulty of playing without a lead guitarist but with each resonant, booming note nailed, it was apparent Steven Cali had no difficulty delivering a worthwhile performance.

A rendition of the ever popular “Sweet Home Alabama” was executed faultlessly, measuring up to the original in a way that was more than could be expected.

Friendly chatter between songs kept the crowd engaged and offered an insight to the easygoing, endearing personality that mixed ideally with powerful vocal capacity.

He rounded out a solid performance with a song he used to song to himself, he said, taking it home with “I’m Gonna be Somebody” by Travis Tritt.

As he pushes through his career, focused on success, Steven Cali is more and more sure everyday that he is going to be somebody and he’s already well on his way.

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