Sub Rosa Sessions #41 at Subcat Studios

sub rosa: happening or done in secret, secretly, in
private, privately, behind closed doors.
ORIGIN Latin, literally ‘under the rose’

Enter a recording studio lined with about 30 chairs facing a small decorated set with keyboard and amps. Guitars on the rack ready to be played and recorded. Sitting in a room of people I have never meet before today, yet I feel like I know all of them. I feel very curious to what I am about to hear and witness. The deal is this, we all show up and become willing participants in a night of recording a CD. The Sub Rosa Sessions #41 to be specific.
Our host Amanda Rogers steps up, normally she would be our hostess for the evening. This night she was also the first performer. From note one of her voice I am in a different time or place. Amanda is a fantastic singer and song writer. Her keyboards are haunting and soothing. It’s like we all held our breath while she was performing to make sure we didn’t miss a note. Her voice is one that reaches out and touches the soul of all who hear her. I am not ashamed to admit I might have gone to this performance underestimating what I might see and hear. Wow, was I wrong. By the time Amanda was done with her song I was a believer.
I was worried for Mike Powell to have to follow Amanda, that is until I heard his first song, I didn’t worry anymore. I have heard of Mike Powell before but never had the opportunity to hear him. So I did a little research. The one quote I saw that stuck was from the Boston Globe “He is like a polite rebel; a truly unique American voice”. Ya that’s a good start but seeing Mike Powell is the only way you can understand it. He was accompanied by John Hanus on guitar, who added the chords and leads to fill the songs out.
Tap your feet and hear a story of life in America, at that time I felt at home, relaxed and feeling a part of something very unique. Even better, we did not have to deal with the bar noise of loud talkers and TV’s competing for our attention. Mike brings a special sense of humor and unique style of storytelling to lead us into his songs. Even if we boo-ed him. (Sorry Inside Joke). The whole evening was one shared by only 30 people. When the night was over I felt I met some great people I never would have and heard three great musicians in a very intimate studio setting. I want to thank Amanda for being a great hostess and performer. I also want to send a special thank you to Mike Powell, meeting Mike I found that he is genuine, real and down to earth. I introduced myself and asked if I could get a photo with him so he stopped what he was doing without a second thought and smiled for the photo. He talked to me like I was a friend, he told me about himself and his music. I went back and looked up all the info I could find, where to catch him again, who he plays with etc.. Damn I did not know I was standing next to a real American Musician, Craftsman and Movie producer.


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