Review – Tennyson Ave Band

Tennyson Ave

Review: Tennyson Ave

Location: Sharkey’s Bar and Grill

I have had the opportunity two times to see Tennyson Ave. Each member plays for other bands but if you heard them you would think they have been playing together for years. Playing music from Grateful Dead, America, Bad Company, Looking Glass and much more. It isn’t very often that you here a band play “Brandy” but Tennyson Ave did. Having a Sax player (Joe Nesci) always adds a dimension to live music, This guy can play.  Lead Guitarist (Stan Przepiora) has great licks and improvisations. The lead man on acoustic guitar (Rob Sagnoletti) keeps the tempo moving and has fun with the crowd. I always like to see a bass player that doesn’t stand still. The drummer (Cathy LaManna) was right on the timing. If I had one complaint it’s I would have really like to see the drummer let loose with a drum sole.

I would have to say that, If you like classic rock that you haven’t heard in ages, This band is the answer. If you want to hear great music, see great entertainment, Tennyson is a good bet. Don’t pass them up next time you see their listings on


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