Terry does Janis and Joe knows The Axe.

We caught up with Terry and Joe’s Acoustic Show at Muddy Waters in Baldwinsville this week. I have to say from the start, we got a lot more then we expected. These two know how to make an acoustic show a full body entertainment evening. Terry has quite a range vocally and a fantastic stage presence. She keeps your attention even if she isn’t out front but, on the floor, interacting with the audience. Many one liners added a lot of comedy to the night. Joe and Terry play off one another like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

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This was the first time we have seen this acoustic duo, as soon as Joe started playing we knew what a fantastic guitarist we were listening to. We have never heard such solid full body sound and multi layered playing before. Joe, I am told is also a teacher of the six string, I am sure anybody learning from him is getting the highest quality education. Beyond playing he isn’t one to sit still behind the mic and back up Terry, No Way, we where lucky enough to be there for Johnny Cash, you’ll just have to see them to find out what song.
The night was filled with a great variety of music from Classic Rock to new and Old Country. As I mentioned before Terry does Janis Joplin and now I want a Mercedes Benz. She did solo with a lot of crowd participation, them Joe joined in for the next song “Bobby Magee” They pulled off an 80’s song “I Melt With You” by Modern English.

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