The Best Guinness Pour in Town

The bartenders at Kitty Hoynes have it down! They will pour you the neatest, most perfect pint of Guinness. Kitty Hoyne’s is charming in so many other ways. Frequent nights featuring live music, many choices of delicious foods, and abundantly creative cocktails add an extra-special twist to this Armory Square Irish Pub icon.

According to the Kity’s History webage, owner David Hoyne came to the States where he met his future wife Cindy, a Syracuse native! They married in the early ‘90’s, moved to Syracuse in 1999…and opened Kitty Hoyne’s in July 1999. Kitty Hoynes has become well-established in Syracuse as both a well-respected Armory Square mainstay and a supporter of charities, such as the entertaining St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event! They also hold a popular annual golf tournament that raises money for Project Children.

Next time you are in Armory Square, or anywhere in Syracuse, saunter over to Kitty Hoynes and enjoy the possibility of live music and a “perfect pint of Guinness.” The perfection of their pour is not just this writer’s opinion, but also that of the official Guinness Brewing Company awarded it the “Perfect Pint” diploma.

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