The Black River Releases Their Highly Anticipated Debut Album

The five piece indie rock band is making waves with their first LP Classic Universe

Syracuse 1.28.2018 – The new soulful genre bending band led by singer/songwriter Mike Powell has finally made some of their material available to listeners in the form of an 8 song LP entitled Classic Universe. In between playing their high energy shows with national acts like Shooter Jennings, The Trews, The Sadies, Mondo Cozmo, and Eric Tessmer, the Central New York based band managed to record a very powerful first impression at Big Blue North Studio in Utica.

Although just a year old, the band garnered national attention after putting their unique sound on display at the 2017 moe.down music festival and has quickly become one of the area’s favorite all original live bands. Classic Universe was produced and engineered by Jeff Aderman and showcases The Black River’s attention to creating infectious grooves that service Powell’s lyrical content.

“One of the things we always talk about when we are sculpting these songs is to be sure to listen to one another. That may sound like a very simple concept but when you’re creating a collective sound it’s important that no player be on a sonic island. We aim to be one connected land mass of sound” Powell said when asked about the goal of his new band. “I have surrounded myself and my songs with monster players that could easily step out and flex their muscles at anytime but all of us understand the importance of doing what is best for the song first.”

The band consists of SAMMY award winning guitarist John Hanus whose playing style is experimental and all his own, the versatile grooves and progressive playing of seasoned bassist Joe Bell, the melodic keyboard work of Shane Kelsen and the locked in the pocket driving beats of the youngest band member, drummer Dom Scicchitano.

Classic Universe is a record of redemption filled with riffs that will find a place in your brain and stay there. Each song is stylistically different but Aderman managed to produce it in a way where the album flows thoughtfully and with thematic consistency.

Classic Universe is available now digitally at

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