The Blizzard Is Coming, The Blizzard of Blues to Funk ‘N Waffles

Tommy Z and his band is coming to Syracuse and he is bringing the “Blizzard of Blues”.

You might ask, Who is Tommy Z? Tommy Z is an international Blues Artist. He started in high school and tried many instruments, but when he found the Guitar, “It was like an epiphany and that guitars would be a part of my life for a long time.” Tommy started by looking for the popular songs listed in Guitar Magazines.  This was before the internet, they would print transcriptions and tabs of classic and hard rock songs. His friend Doug introduced Tommy to Blues at a BB King Concert. Tommy started in a band called The Hurricanes and played with Joe Bonamassa and backed up Pine Top Perkins from The Muddy Waters Band during a New York State Tour, from this Tommy was able to launch his solo career.

Tommy has performed or billed with great acts like, Buddy Guy, BB King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Peter Frampton, Johnny Winter, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Jeff Healey. There is many more listed on Tommy Z’s website bio page

“I have really enjoyed this journey I have been on”

I asked Tommy if had had a favorite person he performed with or a show that really stuck out in his life. “That’s a harder question than the others you’ve asked. I have really enjoyed this journey I have been on” Tommy answered. You could hear in his voice a love of music and all the performers he has played with.  “I think it’s just the idea that you believe in yourself, respecting your health and your craft and just keep trying to do your best. This attitude just continues to bring the opportunities I have had in my life.”

Tommy Z is a very active supporter of our service personnel, he has performed many places with USO/AFE, such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guam, Alaska, The John F Kennedy Aircraft Carrier, while in service in the Persian Gulf, to name a few. He is the son of a Vietnam Vet and takes this as an Honor to perform for all of our Troops. I asked Tommy if he had a favorite place, and he answered Egypt was one of his favorites. Being fascinated by Egyptology and playing the guitar facilitated him to visit the pyramids and many sites in Egypt.


Tommy is a Canisius College graduate, a guitar teacher, a composer, a TV and Film and radio host on NPR affiliate WBFO 88.7FM. You can also hear his show on where he plays classic and modern blues.

Sorry to say but another blizzard coming our way, Tommy Z and his band, Dave Herr (on Bass) Tee Spoon (on Drums) Tom Scime (on Keyboards). They will be playing a mash up of Blues, Funk, and R&B off their cd “Blizzard of Blue” and new material as well. Tommy hasn’t performed in Syracuse for many years.  So, let’s get out and welcome Tommy Z and his band to Funk N Waffles Wednesday starting at 7pm.

There is a lot more info and history on Tommy’s website and catch his blues show on Sunday evenings.


Can be purchased at the show or online

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