The Good the Bad and the FURY!

The rain came and went, the weather cleared and 3 inch Fury took the stage for Sharkey’s Bike Night!
We had heard about 3 Inch Fury before but nothing beats the real thing.
Front man DR Rydher aka: Darrell White took the stage by storm taking on songs from Van Halen, Billy Idol and even Pat Benatar.
Solid on the bass and back up vocal Garrett Knaub giving a larger than life performance. The only thing he had wrong that night was my name, made for a good laugh.  Sean Dunn on Drums ensures nobody gets lost in a song and guitarist Dave King, well known to Central New York music is an expert on the axe.
3 Inch Fury plays a variety of artists, Michael Jackson, Lita Ford, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, AC/DC and many more. This is a fantastic showing of the 80’s greatest music. Just to top the night off, between songs, the onstage comedy between band members gives a not to be missed performance. The entertainment level and attention to the whole audience, in my opinion make these 4 guys a spectacular musical experience.

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