“The Hang” with Phil Petroff and Natural Fact

This Sunday Sound Check from Subcat Studio

When a blues guitarist hits that certain note and draws it out slow they pull you into their world. Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to sit in on Sound Check at Subcat Studios for Phil Petroff & Natural Fact. I am telling you now, don’t miss Sound Check this Sunday. These guys just blew us away.
Phil is a man full of soul and plays the blues with his whole body, he slides on the strings with such passion that you can see it in his face how much he feels the music. Guest Keyboardist Frank Talarico on a vintage Hammond B-3, just dances on the ivories like nothing. Smooth sound of the 1960’s organ gave a unique sound to the music. The bassist Greg “Cremo” Liss, never once stood still. I could hear the sound of John Entwistle in his style. I don’t know if he was an influence for Greg but he really killed it on bass that night. I was waiting all night for the drummer to rip up a drum solo but it was an hour show. One fact you cannot deny is Lenny Milano is the drummer you want playing with you. He is tight and no drum beat is wasted or misplaced, I dare say one of the best I have seen in a long time. The night was too short, but Sound Check is only an hour show and Phil Petroff filled it with real blues.
Special thanks to Dave Frisina for inviting us to “Hang

Soundcheck Sunday Evenings at 9pm on The Rebel Radio

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