The Original Alt Boys at The Palace Theater

The Palace Theater presents The Original Alt Boys on June 15 for a trip back to the 80’s with a tribute to REM, U2 and The Cure. Doors are at 7PM, show at 8PM. 


Gia Palermo, Gen X Projects, and musician Kris Heels had an idea to put the threes tributes together for a complete 80’s throwback music experience. Gia met up with Murmur’s Keith Calveric and talked about pulling these projects together. The Electric Company is a local U2 tribute band. Murmur, R.E.M. tribute band, is also based out of Syracuse and plans to play Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester, and  NYC . Disintegration, out of Rochester, will perform the music of The Cure.

“The goal is to replicate what it would have felt like to see a band in a live club back then, we are really crafting our show to emulate the experience,” said Keith. The musicians want the fans to get a genuine feel for the bands and their less known songs that got them all started. Think about your favorite album and the great songs that were not necessarily mainstream hits but were true representation or the essence of the band. There is a whole generation who only knows the big hits and the best quality work is less known so “we want to find the right group and tap into some new fans. We hope to inspire the feeling that you heard original music and were blown away. With the right material and a stellar performance hopefully people really enjoy it!” Keith explained.


They also hope to expose a younger audience to the real U2 not just the hits. Kris said, “U2 was another sound that no none could quite label and it became the original alternative.” Therefore, this evening is dubbed The Original Alt Boys. “U2’s early albums contained the most distilled spirit of the band and we are primarily pulling from these albums for our music ,” Kris said.  There are “poignant, political points still relevant today,” Gia added.

Keith, Kris and Gia are all on the same page. “It’s music history and it happens to be our generation’s history that I’m trying to share.” Gia said. She’s hoping to provide a similar experience to her Lillith Flair show celebrating, educating and renewing an appreciation for the music.

“The music scene in the 80’s paved a way for a whole genre of music,” Gia said.  Kris explained “The 80’s was a period for college radio and bands that were outside the mainstream and became more popular by word of mouth, mix tape sharing and college radio.” These bands were playing college towns. In fact U2 played The (original) Beginnings in Syracuse around 1980.

In 1981 MTV was born and played live videos and original videos to fill content and these bands became more known. At the time bands stood out due to more mixed content. It was an interesting time for music. Since then radio stations became more homogenzied; bands sound similar.

Notably Keith recently heard R.E.M.’s  “Reckoning” played on Rebel Radio in full album.



The Electric Co.



The bar and concessions will be open. The recently upgraded Palace has a brand new air conditioning system.

Tickets can be prepurchased on the event page.

The Palace Theater on James St, Syracuse











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