The Ripcords play SoundCheck at Subcat

If you haven’t heard or seen The Ripcords before then you had better tune into The Rebel's SoundCheck on Sunday night at 9pm

If you haven’t heard or seen The Ripcords before then you had better tune into The Rebel’s  SoundCheck on Sunday night at 9pm. This group lead by Irv Lyons Jr, Rex Lyons and filled out with bassist Jay Gould and drummer Steve Palumbo are a Sammy Award winning group playing Rock-a-Billy, Country, Blues, Swing, and music influenced by New Orleans, Bakersfield and more (per the Ripcords Facebook page) They sprinkle in the Latin Jazz stylings of Irv Jr. Lyons and you get a Fabulous Show.
The Ripcords are accompanied by the Boneyard Horn section making a total of 8 musicians filling the SubCat studio for the show. You would think that it would be a nightmare to control and mix the sound of the band along with an enthusiastic audience, not to worry, the engineers at SubCat have it all under control. We heard a clean mix of a full-bodied band.

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I personally am a big fan of Blues and Jazz, these genres have a way of spotlighting every musician, from the Drums, Guitars, Bass and Keys to the 3-person Horn section, but let’s stop there. The Horns, wow! They will blow you away (pun intended). Together the Boneyard Horns sound like one instrument, in sync and in tune, now let them do their solos and you hear extreme talent. Interesting fact Irv Jr. plays a right-handed guitar, left handed and Rex plays right handed. Standing side by side the guitars are pointed opposite and bring you full power, I can never get enough of great guitar solos, The Ripcords have two Fantastic guitarists and to hear them ripping the leads is definitely not to be missed.

I’m giving away the movie before the release, so catch the performance on The Rebel Radio and Streamed on The Rebel Rock Website –  as well as The Subcat Website on Monday

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